De-adevaratelea | Behind the scenes: Fairytale Heroes

"DE-ADEVARATELEA sau ce se intampla cand Fat-Frumos sta acasa" (ro) "BEHIND THE SCENES : Fairytale Heroes" (en) = short encyclopedia of the charactes from the romanian folk fairytale, as no one has ever seen them before. Extracted from their fantastic habitat, the caracters appear as superheroes with double-identity, fully engaged in the fairytale narrative, but also having a normal, real life. They keep their fairytale-like atributes, while having a common daily routine along everybody else, like a Clark Kent whose transformation takes place in front of all of us, without any problems at all. Either they have grandchildren or nephews, lovers, brothers-in-law or as many pets as possible, either they are working in the night-shift or non-stop eating, the characters fit perfectly in our times, successfully combining the talents shown on the battlefield with the things that truly define them as real-life individuals. *graduation project | illustrated book for children | 33x47cm | hardcover

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