PLANTPOWERED Beauty Calendar 2016

A pretty&useful calendar for your desk, with 12 seasonal recipes for flawless looks with easy-peasy veggie magic! Ladies, put it on your face and you'll never look at a salad the same ever again! If it's good enough to eat, wait and see the magic it will work on your appearance. Because clean, pure, chemical-free, organic treatments can really make a difference and boost your good looks in a tender, delicate way, right from your kitchen counter. #plantpowered #plantpoweredbeauty #madalinaandronic #illustratedcalendar Everything you need to apply, dab, rub and scrub, powered by kind, nourishing, natural ingredients, prepared, tested and illustrated by Madalina Andronic. desk calendar 12.5 x 18 cm 50 pieces limited-edition 20€ / 90RON To order, just drop me a line in a private message or email. Thank you!

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