It's one of those evenings when the sky wraps everything in a purple light. 

The neighbourhood is quiet, the air is warm and sweet, slowly moving the branches of a magnificent magnolia tree that finally burst into bloom a couple of days ago. Soft petals unfurl under your eyes like the wings of butterflies, dancing through whispers of a breeze from time to time. It's a spectacular view.

Shhh...there's music coming from somewhere. Look up - the pink blushing branches reach an open window on the first floor of the villa in front of you. The light is dim inside, the curtains are open and every once in a while a couple sways from side to side to the slow rhythm of the music. They move with ease, entwined in their embrace as if they're one. It seems as if the window frames them like a painting, inviting you to stop and marvel at their moment. And you do for a while, watching them in perfect sync until the last notes of the song fade away.

You smile and you get on with your walk. They continue to dance in the window, lost in each other's arms. It's an evening dance class and it's their first encounter. They don't know yet, but it's the beginning of their future life together and that magnolia tree will be watching over them like a silent witness to their blossoming love.

2023, personal work

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